Saturday, January 4, 2014

A New Eagle Scout Poem

As a brand new Cub Scout with your uniforms of blue,
You couldn’t have foreseen all the great things you would do.
You made new friends, ran and played, and made cars out of wood.
You did it to have fun, but still you learned all that you should.

As new boy scouts with your friends you faced something new.
You couldn’t have foreseen all the great things you could do.
You built fires, pitched tents, made new friends, and did deeds that were good.
You were still having fun, but now learned everything you could.

As boy leaders you were tested with challenges anew.
You couldn’t have foreseen young boys looking up to you.
You led by example and taught them all you knew
You still had fun while it mattered, and learned much more as you grew.

As teen scouts, life began to pull you all in different ways,
You couldn’t have foreseen how easy it would be to stray.
But troop and friends and family helped you push on as a whole.
It wasn’t always as much fun, but you were dedicated to the goal.

As young men, you’re now Eagle Scouts, standing here so tall,
You couldn’t have foreseen how proud you’ve made us all.
You met each step as something more than just requirements to do.
You’ll keep true to the lessons this journey has taught you.
You truly took each lesson to heart, you’re Eagles through and through.
You know we foresee a great future for you.

By Nancy Mest Doyle

Troop 773 Laguna Niguel, Ca
for JCC and PCE
January 4, 2013

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