Thursday, March 21, 2013

Nuts about Nasturtiums

Nasturtiums have taken over my yard, but that's a good thing!

update: January 2014 - It's supposed to be Winter here in So Calif, but my nasturtiums are already starting to explode!  So I'm actually trying to plan ahead and not waste any of these beauties!!!

Lots of things to do with nasturtiums
Beautiful nasturtiums grow all over and just take care of themselves and reseed like crazy. The more I pick, the more seem to grow! They are so beautiful and tasty too. I'm trying together all the ideas I've found.

Eating them up:
  • The leaves and stems are peppery like a radish. I just pick them and eat them.
  • Use the flowers to top a salad.
  • Stuff flowers with guacamole or goat cheese or a cream cheese mix to use as appetizers
  • Cut up stems and flowers and use like basil or chives to mix with mayonaise.
  • Cut up the flowers and add too softened butter to make a pretty and zesty spread.
  • Make Nasturium Pesto from stems and leaves.
  • Pickle the seed pods like capers
  • Make nasturtium infused wine vinegar dressing
  • Make nasturtium jelly or preserves - sweet or spicy.
  • Nasturtium vodka!
  • Nasturtium Cookies!!!!
  • Nasturtium tea

Here are a some sources for recipes:

Getting well with them
Nasturtiums supposedly have strong antibacterial, antiseptic properties.
Use in a compress for wounds
Some people drink the tea to ward off infections
Hair loss????

Showing them off:
I fill a mason jar 2/3 full then float some on top. With the lid on I don't have to worry about spilling water. Be sure to change the water every day.
Dry and press them in the microwave - it keeps the colors better. They are hard to press with a book because they are so full of water.
Mod Podge the dried flowers to anything.
Take lots of close up photos of the flowers, the light coming through the jar of flowers, etc.